• Hanging out to dry

    Oil on panel

    Framed in a White Driftwood frame

  • Feel the breeze and disappear into the fields.

  • The Old Photographers

    Oil on Board

    Capturing a snap shot in time in Amsterdam where the old meets the new.

  • Capturing the light and the many reflections of the window.

  • A busy street scene in the heart of Amsterdam

  • Atropos

    We all hold our fate in our hands its just up to us what we do with it. In the case of Atropos and mythology, she holds fate in her hands but she decides when to cut the cord.

  • Sitting Nude

    The art of drawing never really leaves you , it just gets better with more time and patience and there is nothing more serene the sitting nude.

  • Street lights

    Oil on Board

    Capturing the fading night sky and when the house come to life

  • Through the trees

    Oil on Board

    The reflective water and foliage that encapsulates the feeling of being in North Wales

  • Bridging the gap

    Bridging the gap between two halves of Ironbridge

  • A walk along the canal

    Oil on the board

    A walk along the canal and over the bridge is where I'm heading.

  • Sky Arts Portrait Challenge

    Sky Arts Portrait Challenge , just a chance to paint a sitter.


The life of an artist is a journey it can be full of ups and lows but on the way art is created. With every finished painting there may be one or two paintings that don't get finished or painted over. However with each one of these make a stronger artists.

If my work ever appears on fake or fortune, there may be one or two hidden masterpieces.

 Here are a few examples of my work past and present

Artist CV

2018 to Present Day

The Walnut - Wellington

 Number Four Gallery -St Abbs

Mid Wales Art Centre

Ironbridge Art Gallery

Lady Longhorn Gallery- Cheshire

Willow Gallery Oswestry

2017-The Lichfield Art Prize

2011 Maws Centre - Telford


Grace and Beauty -Joint Exhibition -Himley Hall Staffordshire

Open Exhibition

Wolverhampton Society of Artists- Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Lady Bay Arts Festival - Nottingham

Wirksworth Festival - Derbyshire

Solo Exhibition -' The point of Anything'



Ten to one Exhibition - Wolverhampton


BA Honours in Fine Art Free Range -  Bricklane, London

Wirksworth Festival - Derbyshire

Staffordshire Open- Stafford- Highly Commended - Staffordshire University


ABC Diploma in Art and Design - Staffordshire University


Ode to Rossetti - Original drawing